The music and worship arts ministries of FortNaz exist to bring honor and glory to God. We believe God has provided the way for a relationship with Him through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus, and thank God in a variety of ways.

We use music, songs, prayer, communion, testimony, baptism, Scripture, and the words of those around us to glorify and honor God. We understand that we develop similarities to that which we worship and believe that as we encounter the transforming presence of God in corporate worship, we are then sent out to carry His reconciling presence into our world.

The FortNaz Choir is a passionate and seasoned ministry composed of people who want nothing more than to communicate the redemptive message of Jesus Christ. Combining 21st century themes with the timeless quality of great hymns and gospel, the choir has ministered to people for over 50 years.

The choir, under the direction of Justin Wells, strives to present the finest level of performance and ministry in choir music. They have traveled to perform at events like the E91 Festival of Choirs and the Nazarene General Assembly.

It is evident that the FortNaz Choir has been blessed not only with musical abilities, but also the gift of communicating a message and touching lives. With a passion for reaching others for Christ at the heart of their ministry, the choir is excited to see what God has in store for years to come. If you would are interested in finding out more about the choir and how to get involved, please e-mail Justin Wells at

Our Sunday Morning Worship Experiences are complete with live instrumentation of the FortNaz Band.  Our instrumentations range from Nord keyboards to Pearl Drum Sets.  For special occasions, the band has been joined by brass and woodwind ensembles.  If you play an instrument and would like to find out more on how to join the FortNaz Band, please e-mail Justin Wells at
The FortNaz Production Arts Team strives to enhance the worship experience by providing necessary technological assistance in areas like lighting, projection, sound, and live-streaming services.
We currently livestream and archive all of our regular worship experiences thru our Facebook page.  If you would like to join the sound/ media team, please e-mail Justin Wells at  If you would like to find out more about our live-streaming equipment, including Epiphan technology, please e-mail Pastor Joey at